SILENT POETS is a solo music project led by Michiharu Shimoda, who is DJ and producer based in Tokyo. Since his debut in 1992, he has been producing melancholic and emotional dub sounds throughout his long career.
His albums have been released from a variety of labels across the world, including Yellow Productions (France) and 99 Records (Germany), and also his tracks have been selected in more than 40 compilation albums including the masterpiece compilation of Ibiza chillout sound ‘Cafe del Mar’.
In 2013, he established his own music label “Another Trip” and released the restructured dub album ‘Another Tip from the Sun’. Also later that year he performed ‘SILENT POETS Dub Set’ shows – a collaboration with the sound engineer Shojiro Watanabe at Liquid Room in Ebisu, Tokyo and other venues in Japan.
In 2016, he created the original song “Tokyo” featuring Japanese rapper 5lack for the commercial of NTT DoCoMo Style’ 20 which has won Craft Award (sound design) at 2016 56th ACC CM Festival (currently ACC Tokyo Creative Awards) and it stayed as number one hit on the iTunes Japan hip hop singles chart for two weeks. In 2017, he performed at Fuji Rock Festival and launched the 25th anniversary project, which started with the release of the 7-inch single “SHINE” featuring Hollie Cook. In February of 2018, Dawn, his first album in 12 years was released and got great feedbacks not only from his fans but also from the critics. His live performances in that year was filmed and released as the movie “SAVE THE DAY” in 11 theaters across the country. Also the song “Asylums for The Feeling” from the album has been featured in the game software for PS4 called “Death Stranding” which was created by one of the most famous game creator Hideo Kojima and ranked in the world wide hit charts.
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Drone Movie: Yutaka kitamura (GO motion, Rudesign)
Direction/Design: Jun Awano (Cryogenicx, Kaiteki) , Programming: Akira Shimizu (Focus Light)