EPs & Extra Tracks

EPs & Extra Tracks

  1. Moment Scale (Thom. Vocal Mix) [feat. Thom]

  2. Stowing Away (Better Day Mix)

  3. Stowing Away (Acoustic Version)

  4. Sugar Man (feat. Terry Hall)

  5. Sugar Man (Museum of Plate Remix)

  6. Sugar Man (Indopesychics Remix)

  7. Sugar Man (Instrumental)

  8. Someday (The First Impact Mix) [Feat. Anomolies]

  9. Someday (Instrumenatl)

  10. Someday (Acappella)

  11. Cherry Tree

  12. Cherry Tree (Attica Blues Remix)

  13. Cherry Tree (Universal Dubbing Mix)

  14. Cherry Tree (In the Air Mix)

  15. Cherry Tree (Instrumenatl)

  16. Cherry Tree (Attica Blues Remix Instrumental)

  17. La vie

  18. La vie (Instrumental Version)

  19. Break In the Circle

  20. Shalom (Mad Professor Dub Version